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The PRWFPA Financial Statements below contain scanned images and information provided by a third party.  Please contact Ana Flores at or at 831-883-3750 if you have problems accessing the information.

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Approved Budgets

Pursuant to its by-laws, the Pajaro River Watershed Flood Prevention Authority (PRWFPA) is required to adopt a financial budget prior to June 30th each year. Through co-ordination with the PRWFPA Staff Working Group, the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments prepares an annual budget for approval at the June Board of Director’s meeting. Throughout the year, the budget is monitored and periodic amendments may be approved by the Board.

Audited Financial Statements

Day-to-day PRWFPA financial management is accomplished under contract with the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments. It is the responsibility of the AMBAG Director of Finance and Administrative Services to accomplish needed financial transactions. AMBAG also provides reports and other accounting requirements as requested by the PRWFPA Board of Directors. PRWFPA is required to be audited annually by independent outside auditors.

Document Preparers


Errol Osteraa

Director of Finance & Administration



Liz Hurtado-Espinosa

Principal Accountant