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PRWFPA Studies

aerial of flooded river

Pajaro River Watershed Study

This study has been divided into multiple phases in order to model and identify the 100-year flows in the Pajaro River, evaluate possible approaches to flood protection against these flows and select one or more of these recommended projects for approval.

hernandex reservoir on sunny day

Pajaro & San Benito Rivers Sediment Study

This report describes the results of flow and sediment monitoring during water year 2013, topographic data collection and field verification, and an updated sediment transport model for the San Benito River including a segment of the lower Pajaro River.

san benito county river sediment

Sediment Transport Model

The study was carried out as one of three studies for the Joint Powers Authority to assess sediment loads into the Pajaro River from this source, and to identify aggradational and degradational trends on the San Benito River.