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Partner Projects

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Pajaro River Flood Risk Management Project

The Pajaro River Flood Risk Management Project (Project) is a multi-benefit project that will reduce flood risk to the City of Watsonville, the Town of Pajaro, and surrounding residential and agricultural land.   The Project seeks to strike a balance between public health and safety, protecting the environment, and supporting the local economy.

Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project

A collaboration between Valley Water, the San Benito County Water District, and the Pacheco Pass Water District, the Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project is a strategic and long-term investment toward ensuring a more reliable supply of safe, clean drinking water in the face of climate change.

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The Pajaro River Watershed IRWM Plan

The Pajaro River Watershed Integrated Regional Water Management planning mission is to preserve the economic and environmental wealth and well-being of the Pajaro River watershed through watershed stewardship and comprehensive management of water resources in a practical, cost effective, and responsible manner.

agriculture irrigation

Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

For many decades, the San Benito County Water District (SBCWD) has been a steadfast steward of groundwater resources in San Benito County, actively managing the groundwater basins to protect water quality and maintain a reliable and sustainable water supply.

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WRASBC Educational Outreach

The Water Resources Association San Benito County (WRASBC) focuses on water conservation and water resource protection. One of their many programs focuses on education and reaching young people in our community who will inherit our water resources.